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Water pollution is altering the physical, chemical and biological characteristics of water, caused directly or indirectly, in natural or anthropogenic. Improper use of polluted water is normal. water pollution can take place: - continuous, such as the city sewers, or wastes from industry and discharged into the water: - discontinuous, regular or irregular intervals of time: - temporarily - by accident, in cases of emergency.

Pollution of water sources are classified by several criteria, given their diversity: After source: household activities, industry, agriculture, and pollutants transporturile.Dupa Range: - local sources - diffuse pollutants spread when a large area. After their position - Stationary source - mobile (cars, homes and facilities that are moving, etc..).

Major water pollution is done by industry, agriculture, transport and activities in natural waters discharged menajere.Industria chemicals, organic and inorganic, plant and animal debris, solvents, hydrocarbons, heat. Materials can be solid or liquid, miscible or immiscible with water, light or heavy volatile, more or less toxic.